How to choose trekking sticks?

Trekking is a sport that, in order to be practiced, needs adequate equipment, among which are sticks to support the ascent and descent during the age. Read more at

We dedicate this guide to the purchase of trekking poles, identifying the types and analyzing the main characteristics.

At the end of the guide you will find a selection of the five best trekking poles among which you will be able to identify the best model that best meets your needs.

As for the types, we can identify two types of trekking sticks: telescopic sticks and folding sticks.

are the most used sticks by those who are starting the practice of this fascinating sport. The telescopic system allows you to reduce the size of a fifth, depending on the model, making it easily transportable when not used.

It is the most suitable when the excursion is long and the equipment is heavy so as to minimize the weight and optimize the spaces.

In addition, most of the models produced are adjustable, which allows the less experienced to adapt it to different needs. For example, during the ascent phase there is a tendency to have shorter sticks, while during the descent phase longer sticks are used.

So the telescopic system is not only about the practicality of transport when not used, but also and above all one has a functional aspect to the exercise of climbing.

This type of pole uses a system to insert the parts that compose it, usually five.

The entire length of the pole is crossed by a core, ie a rope made of polyurethane or other synthetic materials that allows the disassembly and assembly without risking losing the pieces.

Some models are adjustable, others have a fixed length and therefore the plug-in closure system is only used to facilitate transport during periods of non-use.

How to choose the best trekking sticks? Guide:

Among the types we can find different models of trekking poles. They differ in the choice of materials, the locking mechanism, the handle and the choice of the final body: tip, washer or rosette.

Materials: as far as materials are concerned, manufacturers rely on aluminium, which combines lightness, resistance and economy, and on carbon fibre, which is certainly a product for professionals with special needs as regards the ratio between weight and resistance of their trekking pole. The cost is also much higher.

Trekking pole

This mechanism allows you to quickly adjust the length of the pole for a dynamic use of the pole for moments when you need a reactivity of the athlete and his accessories.

Practical in winter because of the gloves the manual skill is reduced and therefore there is a need for locking systems easily trigger.

Trekking sticks Twist Lock

This is the most common locking system. It works like a screw and allows the adjustment or simple disassembly of the stick by rotating the elements.

Not practical with gloves, but has the advantage of giving the stick a smooth connotation. A system that has no external elements where the stick could get caught and lose the balance.

The sticks that mount this locking system are usually the cheapest and intended for use in hot seasons.

Hiking sticks for walking

There are models of trekking sticks that use both of the systems described above.

This solution diversifies the block of the various sections according to the function that each part has in relation to the activity carried out. A convenient solution for those who diversify the type of terrain and season and want to have the convenience of having a single model of stick

Trekking stick with release button

This system allows you not to run into accidental stick releases during the activity. It consists of a steel pin placed between the two elements that once pressed allows the release according to the system adopted.

The materials of the handle:

As for the handle, the most commonly used materials are cork, synthetic sponge and natural or synthetic rubber.

The grip is important in trekking stick, is how to choose soles for shoes.

They must have a certain degree of comfort and respect some general rules of economy. These are essential parameters so as not to stress the hand, which exercises a constant squeeze, and often in weather conditions that are not favourable for the function of the muscles and joints of the hand and wrist.

Terminal body of the trekking pole

The terminal bodies are perhaps the most important part of the trekking pole and are divided into tips, washers and rosettes or rackets. The three elements are used for different types of trekking terrain.

They have the function of making the stick adhere to the ground in the best possible way. The materials are generally aluminium and occasionally tungsten, a very resistant, silent and expensive material.

Not all manufacturers provide the three terminal grip accessories of the pole, and not all sticks allow you to interchange the final body. An element that characterizes the trekking pole and therefore a detail to be taken into account when evaluating the purchase.

Trekking rackets with antishock system:

The anti-shock system consists of a spring mounted on the last stretch of the pole and allows you to cushion the shock of contact of the pole on the ground by reducing the stress on the joints of the arms.

In reality, there are only a few models that use this type of system. Professionals do not prefer it because it inhibits the feeling of control of the stick.

Ranking of the 5 best trekking poles:

Below we propose a selection of the best five trekking poles among which you will be able to identify, by model brand and general characteristics, the best model that best suits your level and type of activity.

Ferrino, Kailash, Unisex trekking poles, Black, 60-135

  • Three telescopic sections adjustable from 60 to 135 cm
  • Dimensions: adjustable from 60 to 135 cm
  • Materials: aluminum
  • Locking mechanism: “Lock & Go” folding
  • Handle: non-slip anatomical sponge
  • Antishock system: not present
  • Terminal body: tungsten tips, washers and rosettes
  • Ferrino Gta – Economic trekking racket

Ferrino, Gta, Unisex trekking poles, Red, 60-135

“GTA is the classic, versatile, resistant and practical trekking pole for walking in all seasons or hiking.

  • Dimensions: adjustable from 60 to 135 cm
  • Materials: aluminum
  • Locking mechanism: telescopic
  • Handle: anatomic in rubber
  • Antishock system: not present
  • Terminal body: rubber tips.
  • Ferrino Totem mountain sticks – Great price

Ferrino, Totem, Trekking poles, Unisex, Green, 65-135

“Totem is the walking, hiking and hiking stick for all seasons!

  • Dimensions: adjustable from 65 to 135 cm
  • Materials: aluminum
  • Locking mechanism: “Lock & Go” telescopic
  • Handle: non-slip anatomical
  • Antishock system: not present
  • Terminal body: tungsten tips, washers and rosettes
  • Trekking sticks for walking Black Diamond Trail

Black Diamond Trail, Men’s Rackets, Red, One Size

They are fantastic highly professional trekking poles , suitable from the court to the very long trips outside the city! Complete adjustment for any terrain. Non-slip handle!

  • Dimensions: adjustable from 60 to 135 cm
  • Materials: aluminum and carbon
  • Locking mechanism: foldable in 3 parts
  • Handle: anatomic non-slip in synthetic sponge
  • Antishock system: not present
  • Terminal body: rackets
  • Trekking poles for children Black Diamond First Strike

Black Diamond First Strike, Unisex-Adult Trekking Poles, 66-110 cm

Built for each season, it is a 2-section adjustable stick for children! FlickLock adjustment!

  • Dimensions: adjustable from 66 to 110 cm
  • Materials: aluminum
  • Locking mechanism: folding
  • Handle: anatomic in synthetic rubber
  • Antishock system: not present
  • Terminal body: aluminum tips

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